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Alfa Romeo Trade-in Value Calculator

Is there an Alfa Romeo Giulia or another new vehicle within our inventory you want to really bring home to Upper Saddle River or Ramsey, but you don’t want to pay the full price? That’s where trading comes in handy. If you have a current car that you’re looking to get off your hands, you can trade in with us and put your vehicle’s trade-in value to the car of your choice within our inventory. Though, before you attempt to schedule a car trade in NJ, you’ll want to know your vehicle’s trade-in value. Our easy to use Alfa Romeo trade-in value calculator will give you an accurate estimate of your vehicle’s worth in minutes!

How to Do a Car Trade In NJ at Performance Alfa Romeo

If this is your first time trading in or selling your car to a dealership in the Edison-area like Performance Alfa Romeo, you’ll want to prepare yourself ahead of your appraisal. Here’s what you need to know before trading in your vehicle with us:

  • Once you’ve gotten your vehicle’s trade-in value, go to our payment calculator to calculate how much you can expect to pay on a monthly basis for the car of your choice.. This calculator will deduct your vehicle’s trade-in value from the overall price of the vehicle you’re interested in.
  • If your trade-in doesn’t fully cover the value of the new vehicle you want to purchase, we can help you finance the remaining amount and to determine if the trade-in is worth it or not.
  • Once you have a budget established, your vehicle’s trade-in estimate, and have a vehicle picked out, it’s time to schedule your appraisal.
  • You’ll want to prepare for your appraisal ahead of time to get the best offer possible. Get your car as clean as possible. Remove any and all trash and belongings, and try to take care of minor repairs (don’t worry about anything major, we’ll take care of that later on).
  • Gather the necessary items related to the vehicle that you plan to trade in: the car title, auto loan payoff information, repair history, car registration, and all keys, including spare keys.
  • When the appraisal comes, we’ll inspect your car from the inside and out to determine if it’s profitable. If you get an offer, you can choose to either accept or negotiate it.

Learn More About the Trade-In Process With Performance Alfa Romeo!

Have any additional questions on how the trade-in process works or financing the remainder of your trade-in? Our finance team is happy to answer any questions and to find the solutions that work for you. Contact us online or give us a call at +1-973-576-5014. We look forward to working with you.